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The Media Academy Campus presents Audio Podcast Masterclass – the first of its kind learning programme for media professionals – an EduNomix™ xlusive online course, powered by Nomix™. This unique offer brings a thorough overview of the world of audio podcasting with smart and concise tips, important takeaways on standards and best-practices, as well as practical exercises for hands-on development of all the essential media competencies you need to launch your story. This course is ideal for both newcomers and media professionals, offering field knowledge for journalists, storytellers and digital content-creators alike.

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Learn Media

With Media Academy

Learn Media

With Media Academy

National Certificate: Radio Production

SAQA 62069

NQF Level 05. Credits 161.

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Selected Credit-Bearing Modules & Short Courses

National Certificate: Advertising

SAQA 58820

NQF Level 05. Credits 124.

Selected Credit-Bearing Modules & Short Courses

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