What is Nomix™?

Towards an Ecological Paradigm

Nomix™ is the worth of the cooperative interaction that is not merely determined by its monetary value but by the net effect when applied within an ecological paradigm.

The Nomix™ Matrix

The complete -Nomix™ matrix presents a mosaic window of operational & procedural protocols that facilitate engagement within our holistic ecological paradigm.

CollaboraNomix · EduNomix · EnthuNomix · EthiNomix · EthoNomix · InfoNomix · IntelliNomix · KnowNomix · MechaNomix · VirtuaNomix

EICK Framework

Transformation Ecology for eLearning

EICK comprises application of Nomices (EthiNomix, IntelliNomix, CollaboraNomix, KnowNomix) for transformation, eBusiness, and embracement of eLearning founded upon BluAgile™ Methodologies.

Reference : Du Toit, P. J., 2010. An Alternative Approach to “Best Fit” Integrated e-Business Management Facilities and –Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 3rd ed. MBL. Midrand: UNISA.