The Cooperative Ecology

The EduNomix™ eLearning ecology is sustained by the Cooperateurs as specialised Campuses dedicated to the provision and facilitation of learning experiences through participation and collaboration in an ecosystem of cloud functionalities, and the supportive integral paradigm for your learning journey in your domain.


The EduNomix™ Cooperative Ecology is a community of content curators facilitating the creation of exclusive eLearning content in the cloud.

Coop: ACI

Applied Creativity Institute (ACI) is a boutique campus specialising in the provision of hand crafted material to illuminate areas of management through the lens of Creativity. Moreover the central role of creativity is further unpacked within the courses. The course material is based on interpretation of the life long work by Dr Kobus Neethling, Founder of South African Creativity Foundation.
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Experts in Creativity Management

Discover Creativity Management Courses for your learning journey.


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Experts in Health & Wellness Counselling

Discover integrated Holistic Health & Wellness courses.

Coop: Media Academy

Media Academy is an integrated agency specialising in accelerating Media 2.0 enablement through the facilitation of creative and innovative insights-driven marketing solutions in Africa.
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Experts in Media Management

Discover Media Management Courses for your learning journey.

Coop: VNI

VNI Consultants develops cloud readiness for SMMEs, and facilitates transdisciplinary application of BluAgile™ Solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations through employment of BluAgile™  Methodologies in any domain.

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Experts in Change Management​

Discover Change Management Courses for your learning journey.