Cohort ACI UJ — CPS

Cohort of The University of Johannesburg (UJ) in South Africa

Workshop: Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

An interactive virtual event hosted with ACI UJ Cohort PhD Researchers, in the context of local economic development. The workshop focuses on cultivating creative competency towards the discovery of holistic Research Methodology & Design within transdisciplinary contexts, and includes NBI® Thinking Preference Profiling, Analysis and Interpretation (thinking constructs & dimensions).

Workshop Facilitators

Meet the EduNomix™ Collaborateurs

The EduNomix™ Creative Problem Solving workshop is hosted as an ACI and VNI cooperation.

Marita Durr

Marita Durr

Heinz Neethling

Heinz Neethling

Dr Pieter du Toit

Dr Pieter du Toit

"The workshop was well structured, gave me an opportunity to learn and ask questions, it was very engaging. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you and keep up the good works."

— Anonymous
"All the sessions were very insightful and inspiring. The presentation strategies used by both facilitators were very effective and engaging in a way that all the participants were given opportunities to share their ideas and experiences. The clarity, comments and additional information by the supervisors can never be disputed."

— Anonymous
"It was one of the best courses I attended and although long, it truly opened my eyes as to what I still can or need to do with my studies and redirecting my own life. The experience of learning and getting to know other colleagues was also noteworthy, and the insight received regarding my own NBI profile will be used effectively throughout my life as an academic."

— Anonymous
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